Locally Sourced × Crafted with Love


Located in Denver, 303 Burgers is a prime example of the amazing food Colorado has to offer.

Photos by Aspen Jarvis


303 Burgers opened on March 3rd, 2018. This day is also know as 303 Day. In Denver, Colorado the area code is 303, l:ocals celebrate Denver for the day. 303 Burgers was originally  T&R Burgers, owned by Tammy and Robert. Unfortunately T&R had to close. Three employees, Aspen, Edward, and Javier decided that they would hate to see the restaurant close. They took over as owners and re-named the place 303 Burgers. In appreciation of the amazing opportunity they were given, Tammy and Robert were given signature burgers called the Lil' Tammy and the Lil' Rob. 

Everything that 303 Burgers has to offer is never frozen, except the Ice cream for shakes, of course. 303's fries and all of their other fantastic sides are also made in-house. The fries are cut and blanched every morning, NEVER FROZEN. Colorado should be their middle name considering EVERYTHING comes from local sources. For example their meat comes from Aspen Ridge Farms. When you first try 303 Burgers your first thought is going to be "This is the best burger I've ever had" and the second is going to be "Man, am I going to be able to eat all of this?'. At 303 Burgers each patty is one third of a pound. These burgers are something worth dreaming about. 

Don't get discouraged when trying to find 303 Burgers. The restaurant is a bit tricky to get into, there is no access from the main road. Turn onto Galena and make the first left right away! If you have troubles getting in feel free to call and an employee will be happy to give you better directions!



(303) 537-4922



10101 East Hampden Ave #108

Denver Colorado, 80231


M11a–8:30p Tu-Sat 11a–9p
Su 11a–5p



We will be CLOSING FEBRUARY 20th. This is our original menu. As we run out of items we will NOT be restocking them. Everything in Italic will NOT be sold anymore.


We will be CLOSING FEBRUARY 20th. This is our original menu. As we run out of items we will NOT be restocking them. Everything in Italic will NOT be sold anymore.


Shakes | Floats

Shake Flavors: Vanilla | Chocolate | Strawberry | Cherry

Kids shake                                                $3.99

24oz shake                                               $6.49

root beer float                                     $4.99


Bottomless fountain 

Kids | Regular                     $1.59 | $2.89

Milk                                     $2.79

CHocolate milk               $2.99

bottled water                $1.75

orange juice                   $2.79

gatorade                          $1.99

canned soda                   $1.50




adult beverages

Must be at least 21 years of age to enjoy. 


Wines | Champagne

cabernet sauvignon                       $5.00

champagne                                         $4.00

chardonnay                                       $5.00

merlot                                                 $5.00

white zinfandel                               $5.00

Bottled Brew

Angry orchard                                $4.00

budweiser                                         $3.50

bud light                                           $3.50

coors light                                      $3.50

corona                                              $4.50

dos equis xx                                     $4.50

fat tire                                              $5.00

heineken                                           $4.00

michelob ultra                              $4.00

modelo                                             $5.00

pap's blue ribbon (canned pbr) $3.00

shock top                                        $4.00


Espolon                                           $6.00

Jameson                                          $6.00

Maker's mark                                 $6.00

Bacardi                                            $5.00

Fireball                                           $4.00

Captain morgan                            $5.00

Absolute peppar                           $5.00

sky                                                     $5.50

New amsterdam                            $4.50

Jim bean                                           $5.50

Seagram                                          $4.00

Jack                                                  $5.50


Bloody mary                       $5.25

long island                        $7.50

angry balls                        $8.00

sunrise                                $5.50

top shelf marg                 $7.75

Craft Draft Brew

Coors light                          $5.00

blue moon                          $4.00

voodoo ranger ipa           $5.00

Fat tire               $5.00

Seasonal Brew                 $5.00

stella                                  $5.00

Well Liquor 

Vodka                                   $3.50

Tequilla                              $3.50

Scotch                                 $3.50

Rum                                       $3.50

Whiskey                               $3.50

Gin                                         $3.50

Build Your Own Cocktail 

Choose any base spirit or well and a drink mix!


diet Pepsi


dr. pepper 

Twist Mist

mountain dew


orange juce

PINK lemonade